We believe that a big problem in the Internet industry is that projects have several phases that need to be properly documented and managers and executives have had difficulties completing this process. In this section we are providing a series of templates that can be used during the development, redesign or improvement of your website.

Our goal is to optimize and simplify the process of developing a profitable online application. We have put together a team of experts that will contribute to these documents on a regular basis. These documents will provide a basis for every step of the system development process for an online application.

This section will be updated regularly. We will be researching on a continuous basis to establish guidelines and optimize the proper documentation that is needed to assure a profitable ROI.



  • a. Requirements
    • i. Business Requirements
    • ii. User Requirements
      • 1. Focus groups
      • 2. Usability Evaluation
    • iii. Security, Performance and Availability Requirements
  • b. Requirements Traceability Matrix
  • c. SRS – Systems Requirements Specifications
  • d. Web page flow/Navigation
  • e. Use cases
  • f. Mock ups
  • g. Editorial Document


  • a. SAS – System Architecture Specifications
  • b. SDS – System Design Specification
  • c. ERD – Entity Relationship Diagram


Quality Assurance


  • a. Deployment plan & schedule
  • b. Roles & responsibilities


  • a. SLA
  • b. Costs/Risks